Development Strategy

Charities play a vital role in our society..

The organization drives its operations based on the the legacy of social work initiated by Padma Vibhushan Jankidevi Bajaj in 1920. With the vision of bringing best on the ground for community, JBGVS adopts the strategy of

  • Direct implementation through participatory approach.
  • Shepherding partnership with other development organizations with unique strength in the JBGVS key thematic areas of health, education, livelihood etc. into the JBGVS core geographies by learning from them .
  • Implementing and monitoring special development project with the help of expert external development partners.

Forging Partnerships

An elaborate and robust process of identifying, seeking and sourcing agencies in the development space is undertaken to engage with prospective partners. Following this collaborative proposals are prepared and submitted for support and possible partnerships. An active list of potential partners in the JBGVS focus areas are regularly maintained through research and responses. Further to this, meetings to discuss potential possibilities are convened and ideas through concept notes is shared for eliciting further interest. JBGVS partnerships forged at different levels:

  • Government
  • Other NGOs
  • CBOs/VLIs (Village level Institutions)
  • JBGVS also implements Integrated Rural Development Projects in partnership with community-based organizations (CBOs) and Village level institutions.